Live Bait Vending Season Begins 2021

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A fresh start and new season beginning for the Live Bait and Tackle Vending business. One of the dreaded task of this business is working in the cold of the pre-season. The cold is something that I personally haven’t been able to get use to as an operator for the past 10 years. 

The weather finally broke and the sun was shining I knew it was time to make headway for a machine location swap out. 

In the coming season I intend to share more of the journey of live bait vending here on this business page. After having a good many questions from prospect buyers of machines I thought this would be a general resource to share what it takes to be a live bait vending operator. I would call these blog post as the raw and dirty and informative information you may not get from a salesman of the machines. You see, I’m in the operation business snd not in the machine sales business. In that, I believe it is best to pass on common answers to questions I received on operations. Again, what better way to do that then using a blogging platform. 

Stay tune as I share valuable information on live bait vending this season. You won’t want to miss. 

Best Fishes,

Nicholas @villagetackle. 

Live Bait Vending

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