What fly tying tool should I start with?

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The fly fishing fly business is a great hobby for people who enjoy fly fishing. Unlike many other fly fishing hobbies, fly fishing fly business can generate enough profits in the long term for you to retire on! In this article, I will go over the most important things you need to know about this profitable and fun hobby. Starting with why fly fishing flies are so popular and what kind of equipment you will need.


Starting Out Fly Tying

I'll go over fly tying tools that I use and recommend in this article as well as some fly tying tips that will make your life easier. This is an art form so there are no right or wrong tools for the job, it's just about picking what works for you.

But these five items should be staples to any fly fishing fly buyer's list. I'd recommend a fly box, fly reel, fly rod, fly line and fly tying tools (to tie your fly after you purchase the materials to do so).

Fly Tying Tools

- fly tying vise

The vise is the most important part of your fly tying setup, and this one will last you a lifetime. It's well built made of high grade steel with a smooth action on the jaws. This vise has been tested by professional tiers and anglers alike for years in some of the harshest conditions imaginable. If you're looking for a good quality vise that won't break the bank, look no further than this one from Orvis.

- fly tying scissors

The perfect fly tying scissors for the beginner and expert tiers. These scissors are comfortable in hands, keeps a sharp edge, has a fine point.

- fly fishing hooks

The Best Fly Fishing Hooks for Trout and Salmon

Our high carbon steel hooks are hand-sharpened and -ground to keep a sharp point. They do not bend or break under pressure, so you can be sure that your fly will stay on the bottom. Whether fishing in freshwater or saltwater, we have the right hook for you!

The Best Fly Fishing Hooks for Saltwater fishing are made of high carbon steel and will keep a sharp point. These hooks do not bend or break when you catch that big fish. The saltwater fly fishing hook is the best on the market today.

The Best Fly Fishing Hooks for Saltwater Fishing

These fly fishing hooks are made from high-carbon steel, which allows them to retain their sharp point and strength even after repeated use. They’re also designed with a thin wire diameter that makes it easy to tie your flies without compromising their durability or strength. The

- thread bobbin

Bobbin Threads are a must for every fly tyer. The thread is made of high quality monofilament nylon. Fly tying bobbin threads are available in a variety of colors and sizes to meet your needs. Bobbin Threads come packaged on plastic spools with built-in threaders, making them easy to use.

- fly tying scissors

All of us need a pair of fly tying scissors. They are an essential tool for the fly tyer and can be used to cut thread, leader material, and even hair!

When you buy your next pair of fly tying scissors, take note of the sharp edge on fly tying scissors. Sharpness is a crucial thing to measure when purchasing fly fishing fly fly tying scissors because a fly tying scissors with a dull blade will quickly ruin your fly and frustration will set in. Fly tying scissors should be hollow ground and have a keen edge which can be seen by looking through the side of the blade or by using a magnifying glass if you have one. If you don't see a hollow grind, don't buy it!

I personally like fly fishing fly fly tying scissors that are about 5-inches long because they offer the versatility of reaching into smaller spaces for detail work but also provide more surface area to cover medium


There are many fly tying tools that can help you tie your fly more efficiently, but the most important one is a fly fishing fly fly tying vise. The Orvis vise has been tested by professional tiers and anglers alike for years in some of harshest conditions imaginable. We recommend buying this item because it will last you a lifetime and doesn't cost much money at all. There are also other fly fishing fly fly tying tools such as scissors, hooks, bobbin threads, thread spools, and more to make sure that you have everything needed when starting out! If there's anything we've missed or if you need any assistance with choosing which fly tying tools to buy, let us know- our team of experts would love to partner with you on your fly fishing fly fly tying endeavors.

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