VMC Hot Pink Feather Siwash Fly Fishing Flies

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The winter is setting in and time is free to play with feathers and fur. Today, I had the chance to pull out some of the VMC 9170 4/0 Siwash Black Nickel hooks and tie up some fishing flies.

This hook is one of my favorites because of its versatility of saltwater and freshwater fishing. The black nickel coating makes for slick smooth wrapping for thread and other materials.

I had no real plan with this fly but to use some materials up that I had in the shop. Strung hackle, craft tubing, hot pink chenille and even some peacock crinkle flashabou.  Of course, it wouldn't be a Village Tackle signature without using bucktail deer hair. 

One thought I had in the process was to focus on making the UV epoxy head as streamline and cone shaped as I could. That really isn't to hard with a rotary vise set up but still requires fine attention.

I hope you enjoy the process shared in tying this fly. I look forward in the coming months of adding more videos and blog post of making various lures, fly fishing flies and fish decoys.

Best Fishes,

Nicholas @VillageTackle

Hook: VMC 9171 BN Siwash Hook

Hook Size: 5/0

Thread: Red 210 Denier

Flash: Wild Crazy Sparkle 

Body: Bucktail Hair

Eyes: 3D Molded

Head Cement: AlumiUV