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Have you ever wanted to start a blog? Or... have you found yourself starting and then stopping because you got caught up on life? Well, I am right there with you.

This is the first blog post I am creating for Living Daily on Fish. This blog post is to share a brief insight of what is going to be accomplished and the future plans on blogging. 

First, let us get a little history out of the way. In 2003ish, I thought it would be exciting to start a blog sharing some of what I was doing in the wild. Or rather, broadcast out in the internet-verse on exciting things I discovered in my day, week or AKA "free-time."

The exploration of expressing my voice on the internet was young and finding platforms to land on for hosting was much the wild west. The journey seemed long and troubling but I managed to build a few pieces of content and share with the world back in the 2003-2010ish.

Fast forward to this moment of being on this blogging platform, rather website, Shopify and Village Tackle LLC business website.

Over the years I found that switching from blogging platforms, e-commerce website services and etc...... was becoming hard to manage. The main goal was to put out in the internet-verse content of stuff others may find interesting or worthwhile to see. 

To be very to the point, Village Tackle is my business and passion project. I have built a very good full-time income working this small business. This has been at the sacrifice of other blogging platforms, websites and so forth. 

So, the other day (actually in 2019 new year), I decided to bring everything to one place. My personal creative side, the business website, and other various content pieces I create. 

The front page of this website will always be Village Tackle. The articles I write will be segmented with a twist of business and personal. To have you fully understand my mission here I will say this..........

At the expense of the brand Village Tackle LLC I will be sharing other personal thoughts and projects under the Blog of Living Daily on Fish. 

Living Daily on Fish is about my lifestyle and journey as a person. It will be full of projects that may not be just fishing related or selling fishing products. One thing is for sure - this blog will be about harnessing one platform and the landing pad for all things I create (and family) to share with you on the internet-verse.

Best Fishes,


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