Urban Farming Startup

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The winter was full of research and education on the process of starting up our little Urban Farm. The amount of resources online is amazing and can lead to a rabbit hole of new discoveries. Here are a few things I needed to consider for our Urban Farm startup. 

Area to Plant

The area to plant is a relatively simple process and didn’t involve a scratching our heads raw. Since our lot Size is relatively large 60ftx300ft, we have plenty of room to grow whatever we wish.  

Additionally, we have access to our two neighbors lots as well. These lots are a little more on the smaller scale but can work for basics multiple crops.


Budget and Finances

Our budget is tight! We decided to borrow from what we already have access to such as cash flow from our eBay business and other online revenue streams. One of the greatest hurdles is to build this farm on a larger scale to generate instant cash flow. When we say "instant" cash flow, we mean having a full return of money spent within 7-14 days. Which is very unrealistic in our opinions. 

Our total budget for this project has been less than $600. We will share our expenses in greater detail in the very near future. 


Materials and Tools

We have decided to invest in materials that will help us keep weeds under control. Having done some research online to the best practices and materials for weed control. We decided that using a heavy duty weed barrier would be most ideal. So far this has proven to be a huge benefit!

As for tools, we are using our everyday hand tools we have access to. This includes the common rake, shovel, and weeding hoe. 


End Result 

The end result is to grow enough food for us to eat. Although, the goal is to build this farm to make an income. We are learning the process of urban farming and seeing what works best for us. 


Monetizing the Urban Farm

Money isn't everything in our lives but it is a way to keep us comfortable while serving others. It is our belief that if we find a way to monetize this farm we will be able to serve in other areas of our lives. 

Places we will monetize this farm will be:

There will be other areas of opportunity as well to monetize this farm but these are the basic areas to explore. 

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