99 Cent Fishing Flies

The best deal on the planet for fly fishing flies Made 100% here in the United States. If you are looking for fishing flies, jigs or those "Unicorn" fishing lures Village Tackle has a growing selection here.

Here is the story on why Village Tackle LLC is able to offer these mad crazy fishing flies on an inexpensive price. Nicholas Gomez loves to tie fishing flies and is constantly pushing the limits in production and quality. At the low price of 99 cents, he has been able to produce some limited quantities and a very large amount to purchase. 

The idea is to turn inventory and the only way Nicholas can do so is to offer the best quality of fishing flies at an affordable price. Besides, who doesn't like inexpensive fishing gear that is hand-made and quick to deliver? 

Give a look at this growing catalog and see if this is something you can be interested in adding to your tackle box, fishing vest or even your buddy's gift box. 

*Please note: due to the continuous turn over of these 99 cent fishing flies we are not able to offer any discounts or guarantee quantities. In short, what you see is what you will receive and we may be sold out of those flies. Also, we are not able to take phone orders on these 99 cent fishing flies. 

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