99 Cent Flies

What in the world is this 99 Cent Fishing Fly thing? Does the quality mean less if the fishing flies are only 99 cents? Village Tackle has been creating fishing flies for over 15+ years on a commercial basis. In those years, Nicholas Gomez has created A LOT of fishing flies that are just sitting waiting to be fished.

The idea was born to create a page on the Village Tackle Website that allows for a great quality product to be sold at a very affordable price. The key here is to push volume. You as the angler have come to Village Tackle in messages and social media conversations asking for discounts and we heard you! 

The 99 Cent Flies sold on this page are at a VERY LIMITED quantity and will run out extremely quickly. Once the item runs out of stock, it may not be replenished back in stock due to the nature of materials no longer being sold or manufactured.

Will you do custom orders for 99 Cent a fly? Sorry, custom orders will not be at the 99 cent price point. Again, this page of 99 cent fishing flies is to clear out overstock of products not to generate custom business for inexpensive fishing flies. 

How long will you be selling these at this price? Once the item is out of stock it may be possibly gone for good? It may be a better benefit to check back on this page often and see what is available.

Will you make something I see in the same color patterns on a different hook size or style for 99 Cent Flies? Nope, sorry, can't do that. Again, what you see is what you will receive. Village Tackle is happy to take requests and suggestions on colors, hook size, and style but that is for a different price point. 

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact Village Tackle using the contact form here. 

*Updated 12/29/2020

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