Patriotic Dressed Treble Hooks Size #1

Patriotic Dressed Treble Hooks Size #1

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 Patriotic Dressed Treble Hooks Size #1 Fishing Lures Tackle

*NOTE: These are tied when ordered. On occasion we will have these in stock as inventory. Typically we keep 20 dozen in stock. If you need to have these for a last minute fishing trip. Please indicate you would like to have these expedited. (There may be additional charges for expedited tied dressed hooks).


These hooks are tied to the highest quality standards. Village Tackle has been tying dressed hooks commercially since 2002. We have perfected the art and continue to offer Lure Makers and Plug Builders the opportunity to change the appearance of their lure by adding our dressed hooks. If you are into making your own spinners, we also are able to offer this product to you. 
We are a U.S.A. handcrafted company. 
Please do not hesitate in contacting us if you have larger order needs or custom tying requirements. 
-What we are known for in the fishing lure building craft-
We have been trying our Buck Tail Dressed hooks since 2002. You will not find a more quality product on the market for dressing your lures, crank baits or even just plain fishing. All our Buck Tail Dressed hooks are tied on either a 2x strong hook or a 4x strong.
When we tie our Buck Tail Dressed hooks, we demand perfection. The level of perfection can be seen in our tapered thread wrapped heads. Our thread is of superior strength and glued throughout each wrap of the bucktail tying process. Our Buck Tail Dressed hooks are tied by hand, not on a machine, to ensure accuracy and strength.
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