How to Build a Custom Motorized Fly Tying Vise

How to Build a Custom Motorized Fly Tying Vise

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If you are looking to increase production or find a way to make your fly tying easier, I have a solution for you! I have been tying fly fishing flies commercially for over 15 years. In that time, I have learned to build, customize and create tools to maximize higher production levels while still making High-Quality fly fishing flies. 

You're probably saying, "Motorized Fly Tying Vise?" Or you may have seen my videos where I demonstrate a process of whipping out bucktail teasers at one fly a minute and wondering "What the HECK is that he is using for a fly tying vise?"

I'm going, to be honest here. In 2016, I shared my process of making a motorize fly tying vise on YouTube. That video had lead to a great deal of interest and curiosity. So much so, I get asked questions daily through my website on how to make the "Motorized Vise" even after watching the step by step video. 

I love sharing and promoting a faster, productive, and more efficient way of tying fly fishing flies. After all, this business called, "Village Tackle." has been built on that innovation and forward-thinking of high quality at a higher production level. I have been able to produce on an annual year after year 100,000 fly fishing flies for the Saltwater fishing community using this motorized fly tying vise system. 

Now your thinking, your full of crap! I got ya, and it's okay to say such a questionable thing. But here's the truth..... My process and building this vise to be motorized has been a work of over 15+ years in the making. I have a lot of time, effort and energy in this machine. AND yes, this machine, which I custom made, WILL and DOES make 100,000 fishing hooks a year. That is on the average of 12 hour days at 600 fly fishing flies per day (average) of 167 days. Simple math, right? Try doing that level on a traditional fly tying vise by only your hands alone.

Here's what you will receive with this eBook:

  • Materials and Parts list of building the motorized fly tying vise (PDF)
  • Video of the process using common everyday shop tools (Private YouTube Link)
  • The exact units list of what to order from trusted suppliers (PDF)
  • Link to the Detailed Video of the process (Private YouTube Link)
  • AND email/phone support on setting the motorized fly tying vise up (PDF of business contact information)
  • BONUS TIPS on increasing sales to market your high-quality fly fishing flies on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Mecari and even Facebook.

This is such a bargain for the price! Again, you are getting 15+years of my personal in-depth knowledge of how I took tying fishing flies one by one to a profitable high-quality system. If you're not looking to make higher profits for this small investment of knowledge I am sharing with you. Then this eBook and package isn't for you!

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