Village Tackle Grizzly Tarpon Fly

Village Tackle Grizzly Tarpon Fly

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The Grizzly Blackhead Saltwater Tarpon Fly is a brainchild of an active customer named Captain Jimmy. Captain Jimmy hails from the waters of New Jersey and needed a fly that gave a lot of punch with a red head. As you can see this fly is as large as a grown human hand. Measuring out in length to 6 inches. Molded 3D eyes epoxied in the head gives this fishing fly strong durability.

This fly can be fished for large predictor freshwater fish as well. Musky and toothy pike would enjoy chasing this one at the end of your line.

Hook Type: Saltwater grade DT hook.

Head: Fully UV Epoxied to coat eyes and seal threads.

Materials: Deer Hair Bucktail

Package Size: 1 count