Village Tackle Red Tail Sardine Bait Fish Fly #129

Village Tackle Red Tail Sardine Bait Fish Fly #129

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Our Sardine Fly is a great producer for those fish that need a snack on a bait fish.

This fly is super flashing with some eyes to give that extra enticing. 

Length: 3 - 5 inches depending on the size of the hook.

Eyes: Epoxied hard head over flat laid eyes.

Village Tackle Bait Fish Fly is a strongly tied fishing fly made for fishing as rigged by itself or in tandem with other flies. Many fishermen like to use this fly for making their own fluke rigs, sea bass leaders or even just to have as a tracer fly above a Bucktail Lead Jighead.

This fly is tied on a sea guard saltwater grade hook. Our hooks are rated to withstand a variety of types of fishing conditions and fish.

Our thread UV Coated Epoxy is the most superior coating on the market. We did not skimp on this process because we know the value in having an extremely tough coated thread head on our flies.

*sold in a package of (1) one fly.